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Products We Offer
Fulfilling the needs of different segments by providing hi-tech industrial equipment at reasonable prices. Our accurately dimensioned machines are best known for their speedy operations, durability and result oriented efficiency.
  •     CNC Profile Cutting
  •     Welding machine
  •     Hypertherm Power Source
  •     DC TIG Welding Machine
  •     MMA Welding Machine

Quality Parameters
With the objective to provide our clients with superb quality goods, we follow strict quality measures all over the orga. Procuring the most hi-tech equipments, we have a batch of proficient and dedicated team of technicians and engineers who conduct various tests in order to make sure that these equipments work to their optimum levels in a safe and secure manner. Also, we carry out routine maintenance checks so as to ensure that the product quality is maintained.

  •     These industrial machines have multiple features and advantages, each catering to a different segment of production, thus providing a level of ease in production and a hassle-free working process.
  •     Using our machine tools can improve the machining precision and stable product quality, because CNC machining process is in accordance with pre-processing/processing, in order to eliminate the human operator to operator error.
  •     The consistency of a good part machining, and machining accuracy can be calibrated using software to compensate, it can get than our machines to achieve even higher precision machining accuracy and repeatability of positioning accuracy.
  •     When programmed correctly, these machines are usually 100% correct with what they produce. They produce parts to maximise accuracy, provide good positional accuracy and repeatability and provide a high degree of quality because of their accuracy and their ability to reuse programs.
  •     With our machine tools, the average production efficiency can be improved 2 to 3 times, especially for some complex parts processing, production efficiency can be improved 10 times or even dozens of times.

We aim to be the best CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Supplier, Hypertherm Plasma System Supplier and PEB Machineries Supplier throughout all India, Our Sales & Marketing Offices are in Faridabad, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Raipur, Nagpur & Chennai.